The GearWagon™ AT trailer was conceived with the capacity for five bicycles specifically in mind.  Why bicycles? Their size overall made for a great dimensional benchmark and value proposition. Real capacity (86 cubic feet) and a shape that lends itself to a wide range of cargo (6’6L x 4’8″W x 44″H curved capsule) was first and foremost.

Not to mention, the market analysis. There was simply nothing made of this size that met other critically important criteria: lightweight (275 lbs), enclosed and secure, user and passenger vehicle friendly, and with performance driven features (aerodynamic, torsion suspension, large tires).

Funny how we never really get away from our roots. Our reference to five bikes is one of the most resonating features that reportedly have stuck in viewer minds (so has the trailer mascot, the turtle named Herman®). We also hear of customers ultimately finding us after searching for years for a “bicycle trailer”. One such customer finally succeeded while googling in an overseas airport!

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Bicycle Mounting Hardware Kits (solid individually per bicycle)