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Bike Rack Options

Replacement parts, attachments, and adaptions for greater uses with your bicycle carrier.

  • AerBike Bicycle Mount Close-Up

    AerBike Bicycle Mount

    New 3D design, AerBike™ Mount Kit accessory is a highly adjustable system for securing bicycles of all sizes, frames, and handle bars inside the AerFoil Black Box™ carrier. The space-saving and adjustable design...

  • LED Light Kit & Hardware

    LED Tail Light Kit

    Accessory option for GearCage FP-4 cargo rack and our legacy models, BigBoss hitch rack, BikeWing bicycle racks, and so much more! The LED light kit is designed for universal uses on wide ranging applications...

  • Two Bike Carrier Leaves Plenty Of Space For Extra Cargo

    Rack-IT Two-Bike Accessory Carrier

    This two-bike rack is designed for carrying bicycles of any size and frame by the wheels above our GearCage cargo carriers, leaving unobstructed use of the cargo rack's capacity for your gear. Features &...

  • BikeBag 2-Bike Cover with LED

    BikeBag 2-Bike Cover with LED

    Protect all bikes from weather, road grime, dust and bugs with our custom fit two bike cover bag for use on all Vme Racks from Let’s Go Aero. LED lights and reflectors included for road safety and user-friendly design...

  • Bicycle cover storage mount

    HideOut Bike Transport Package

    Covered two-bike transport and storage option for the BossHog cargo rack, this loaded HideOut Bike Package includes a BikeTree stand for mount inside the BossHog with a zippered hoodie style HideOut cover and DragNet stretch...

  • TowTower Adaptor

    TowTower Adaptor

    This adaptor attaches to 2" ball mounts, tow bars or 2" tubing to provide an elevated mounting surface for bolt-on attachment of the WingMan 2-Bike Rack (sold separately). Modular attached design for applying WingMan...

  • Fat Bike Wheel Cradles (Set of 2)

    Fat Bike Wheel Cradles (Set of 2)

    Set of two extra large wheel cradles and adjustable rubber straps supports one fat bike on all Vme Rack brand models including the V2, V4, Jack-IT, and BikeWing lines. Use interchangeably with standard cradles for one...

  • Standard Bike Wheel Cradle Kit (Set of two)

    Standard Bike Wheel Cradle Kit (Set of two)

    Set of two wheel cradles with toggle ball tension system secures standard mountain and road bikes by the wheels. Quick and user-friendly to secure bike wheels in cradles Wheel cradles are easily adjustable; insert and...