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Bicycle Hitch Racks

Our wheel mount bike racks for the rear vehicle hitch fit ALL bike frame designs and sizes, while providing natural balance, stability, and ease of use.



  • Two Bike Carrier Leaves Plenty Of Space For Extra Cargo

    Rack-IT Two-Bike Accessory Carrier

    // This two-bike rack accessory is designed for carrying bicycles of any size and frame by the wheels above our GearCage FP slide out cargo carriers, leaving unobstructed use of the cargo rack's capacity for your...

  • BikeWing Two Bicycle Carrier

    BikeWing-2 Two Bike Rack

    // The BikeWing™-2 carries two bikes of all sizes and frames suspended by the wheels and includes new Zero-G™ bike freeze technology for all purposes to the most rugged road conditions. Ultra-light...

  • BikeWing-T4 Four Bicycle Carrier

    BikeWing-T4, 2+2 Four Bike Rack

    // This four bike hitch rack includes ground-breaking modularity and functionality for separation into two independent two bike racks and ready-to-go mount to vehicles in all configurations. Tilt and fold design...