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fn-catagory-page.jpgNew Product Line Releases October 2019!

The Nelsons™ are an all-new bicycle and multi-sport carrier product line for pick up truck beds. Utilizing Let’s Go Aero’s leading VRack™ technology, the Nelsons take bicycles and gear storage, transport, and organization to the second level, leaving the inside of the truck bed fully open for other cargo.

The Nelson family includes four models to accommodate varying truck bed configurations including the Full Nelson™, Half Nelson™, and Three-Quarter Nelson™. Universal to all models is a two bike carrying capacity using the modular and removable SpinWing™. This SpinWing turns 360 degrees for easy loading and unloading access from the ground or interior of the bed. A four-point adjustable wheel grip system provides Zero-G™ stability of each bicycle, while the adjustable Wings accommodate all bike sizes and frame styles. An all-new anti-theft RingLocker™ security system is included to lock bikes to the Nelson and separately, the Nelson carrier to the truck bed.


Half Nelson with Two Bikes Above Pick-Up Truck Bed Sill Full Nelson With Six Bikes Above Empty Truck Bed Three-Quarter Nelson With Six Bicycles Above Truck Bed Sill