Cargo Carrier Hitch Pin Lock (Set of 2)


Pair of snap on lock heads for select 5/8” Silent Hitch Pin models, and an optional add-on for many cargo carriers and rack offerings from Let’s Go Aero.

Features & Specifications

  • Sturdy metal case with chip-resistant powder coat finish
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • User-friendly design, push lock onto head until it snaps into place
  • 2 keys included per lock (Total 4)

Optional lock for Let’s Go Aero anti-rattle Silent Hitch Pin and Clip (model SHP359) and an optional add-on for use with Silent Hitch Pins that are included with our cargo carrier model offerings.

Not compatible with locking Silent Hitch Pin models from Let’s Go Aero (models that have locks included and of different lock styles).


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Serivice Periodically: To prevent seuzure, periodically remove, clean the lock and service with light lubricate.