Outdoor living is comfortable and enjoyable with expanded shelter solutions for the small RV and Eurovan traveler.

Find the Right Tailgate Tent for your Small RV or Eurovan Camper

Author Sara Williams / Category Cargo Carriers / Published: Aug-30-2014

Recreation travel typically entails some form of camping or overnight lodging. A comfortable way to stay connected to the environment is small RV or Eurovan Camper travel with a tailgate tent for gear storage and outdoor living.

We are often asked about the fit of the ArcHaus Tailgate Shelter to these vehicles. Indeed, the ArcHaus is an excellent carport for the Eurovan Camper's side doors and rear hatch. With a 10 feet by 6 feet footprint, and a 78 to 90 inch adjustable height, the ArcHaus is adaptive and adjustable for ranging clearance needs.

For complete enclosure around the vehicle doorway, we offer an ArcHaus Shelter & Tailgate Tent 6S model that includes a zip on tailgate connector with 6 foot stretch sleeve for large vehicle doorways like the Eurovan Camper's. This feature securely attaches to the exterior of the vehicle via rear hatch or side door, (for best effect securing ArcHaus to Eurovan secure below rear hatch while open) with straps that buckle together; talk about an easy setup. This side tent and living shelter can be used for a range of applications; carport uses like tailgating and small RV camping only scratching the surface.

"ArcHaus is adaptive and adjustable..."

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