Haul a queen size oak bed set with this small cargo and utility trailer with optional hexcap hardshell cover.

Lightweight Trailer with Hard Cover

Get A Move On It With The LittleGiant Trailer

Author Team Let's Go Aero / Category Trailers / Published: May-22-2015

Say "goodbye" to heavy metal box trailers and moving trucks.

Say "hello" to the LittleGiant utility trailer with a 7' x 4'6" x 24" high solid interior cargo bed and lightweight construction of only 420 pounds. Loading, unloading, and transporting items is made simple and efficient. As one customer put it "There ain't nothing you can't do with the LittleGiant Trailer". So when it came time to move an entire queen sized oak bed set across town, we discovered yet another example of the trailer's adaptive capacity to share.

Hardcover for LittleGiant Trailers

To accommodate the bed set, both trailer end gates were removed and slide inside the trailer cargo bed. The HexCap tonneau cover was removed and set aside while the trailer was loaded. To remove the HexCap cover, simply unscrew bolts found at the base of the cover towards the ball mount & hitch. Next, disengage the two hydraulics on either side of the interior of the trailer by simply popping them out of the base of the trailer. To re-install, simply repeat these steps starting by re-installing hydraulics. This lightweight (55 lbs.) cover makes this process a seamless, and painless one.

The trailer's solid hot dip galvanized steel sidewall is an extremely strong and handy mounting surface for large items like mattresses or palleted loads (the trailer is rated for 1,500 pounds of cargo and built for over-drive). The load was secured using ratchet straps and elastic hook cords around the trailer's undercarriage. We were amazed to discover so many places for anchoring to the steel chasis, torsion axle arms, and end gate support brackets surrounding the underbelly of the trailer.

Lightweight Steel Utility Trailer with Cover
Lightweight Steel Trailer with Cover
lightweight steel trailer with hard cover
LittleGiant Trailer Lightweight Steel Trailer with Cover