HideOut Bike Transport Package


Covered two-bike transport and storage option for the BossHog cargo rack, this loaded HideOut Bike Package includes a BikeTree stand for mount inside the BossHog with a zippered hoodie style HideOut cover and DragNet stretch cargo net for super tie-down secure attachment to cargo rack. (Cargo Carrier not included)


  • Two bike storage and protection system using BikeTree storage mount positioned inside BossHog and secured with two adjustable straps affixed from top of V-rack to cargo rack. See below for BikeTree details.
  • HideOut cover fits over two bikes, 66in x 24in x 54in high
  • HideOut cover includes easy-off zipper over the cover top for quick and convenient bike access
  • HideOut cover secures to rack with adjustable webbing belt and two wrap straps with adjustable buckles
  • DragNet™ bungee cargo netting stretches over covered bikes and secures to rack providing super tie- down, lock-down of coverage
  • Easy install/remove tension straps
  • 28 lbs system weight (24 lbs BikeTree, 2 lbs HideOut cover, 2 lbs Dragnet)
  • Cross platform uses for BikeTree storage and transport stand include home, office, event storage as well as pick-up bed transport, RV, and other interior and exterior vehicle surfaces.
  • Multi-application uses for HideOut cover include wheel chairs, grills, home furnishings, and much more

BikeTree Storage & Transport Stand Features Detail

  • Weights 24 lbs
  • Uses 24 inch by 24 inch floor footprint
  • Fits two bicycles of most frames and sizes, nested to each side of rack for highly compact use of floor space
  • Removable wings and modular design for simple assembly, use, and compact storage
  • Easily adjustable wheel cradles with durable rubber straps for a tight grip on bike wheels
  • Four cushion pads on wings for casual frame-to-rack contact
  • Four cushion pads for base provides protects, grips, and reduces movement to mounted surfaces such as pick up beds and cargo racks.
  • Two straps included with adjustable cam buckle for attachment to top of V rack wings, and S hook for attachment to surface of transport.
  • Zero-G™ bike freeze technology eliminates all bike motion with wheel touch support only, removing all bike frame or fork contact with rack. Zero-G™ system is a combination of wheel cradle and sway stop components:
  • Zero-G™ system includes four sway stops (two per bike) for tire contact with rubber strap wrap around inside of wheels
  • Zero-G™ system includes four wheel cradles with rubber strap wrap over outside of wheels
  • Black powder coated steel construction



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