Landing Gear Cargo Carrier Load Support



A mobility aid for hitch installation, removal, and storage for select Let’s Go Aero cargo carrier models as specified. Height adjustable and folding legs nest underneath the carrier for transport, and are deployed with a secure catch/release mechanism for removal of carrier from the hitch.


Strong support for heavy objects such as portable generators and lots of luggage

Length adjustable legs for varying hitch heights (see measurements guide)

Spring loaded catch and release mechanism with notches for secure positioning of legs either up or down

Compact nested design tucks underneath carrier for unobstructed transit

Gross weight rated for 300 lbs (includes weight of carrier and cargo)


Four leg assemblies with 5 inch diameter wheel casters

Four mounting plates (for bolting to the undercarriage framework of cargo carriers)

Two bonding bars (for front and rear leg sets)

Made of black powder with e-coated steel

Hardware, nuts and bolts



For use with Let’s Go Aero slide-out carrier models, GearSpace (HGK819 & HGK826), GearDeck (H00604), GearCage (H01397 & H01380), TwinTube UBI (H00901), as specified by model numbers only.

Weighs 38 lbs

Weight rated for 250 lbs

For use on smooth, flat surfaces like the garage only (not warranted for rough surfaces)

Assembly required



Below is minimum and maximum hitch heights for sufficient clearances for legs to be lowered for removal, and to retract for transit (from hitch pin hole to ground):

Product  Model   Minimum hitch height Maximum hitch height
GearSpace HGK819 11 inches  17 inches
GearSpace  HGK826 11 inches  17 inches
GearDeck H00604 11 inches  17 inches
TwinTube UBI H00901  11 inches  17 inches
GearCage FP4 H01380 16 inches 22 inches
GearCage FP6 H01397 16 inches 22 inches
Download the Landing Gear Manual