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Nelson Truck Bed Mount Adapter for Trailer Beds

Press Release: Lets Go Aero Introduces Tonneau Cover Adaptor for Nelson Truck Bed V-Rack Carrier

Author Amanda Kennedy - Marketing Director / Press Release / Published: March-3-2020
Colorado Springs, CO

The Full Nelson™ truck bed mount V-Rack is taking a jump onto the trailer bed with the release of the new Nelson™ Trailer Adaptor. Designed for mounting above domestic style truck beds for transporting two bikes along with expandable capacity for up to six bikes or other multi-sport gear, the company’s new trailer adapter accessory makes the Nelson V-Rack also transferable to its LittleGiant and SpecOps Trailers.

Built for both utility and sport, the 88” x 54” x 24” trailer bed dimension mimics those of mid -to -large sized truck beds, making the leap from truck bed to trailer bed nearly seamless. The new Nelson Trailer Adapter easily install onto the C-Channel tracks located above the trailer sidewalls, thereby creating a mount for installing the Full Nelson carrier.

With adapters for Tonneau covers and C-Channel style rail mounts, the Full Nelson can be mounted to virtually any truck bed. And now, the Nelson Trailer Adapter provides a bridge between the truck bed and trailer bed, effectively adding a second level of storage above LittleGiant and Spec Ops Trailer beds.

"We are always looking to add storage space in new ways and new places. When the Nelson V-Rack line was introduced it added a full second level of storage capacity above the truck bed, and now we are excited to bring that same capacity increase to our trailers", said Marty Williams, President and CEO of Let's Go Aero.

Like the standard Full Nelson mounting system, the trailer adapter is easy to install and is quickly transferable back to the truck bed when needed. For peace of mind, the new adapter also incorporates the Full Nelson's RingLocker™ anti-theft system so bikes are locked down and secure whether is on the truck bed or the trailer.

Along with carrying bikes, the Full Nelson also brings a host of optional accessories to the trailer for multi-sport transport including boats, fly rods and fat bikes. For gear coverage, Full Neson is compatible with the trailer’s popular Seal Skin Trailer Tonneau Cover, keeping equipment covered underneath and protected from all weather conditions.

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