Do you need a utility trailer or a heavy duty off road trailer? Compare specs for our SPEC OPS AnyRoad Trailer and the LittleGiant for work or play.

LittleGiant Utility Trailer vs. SPEC OPS AnyRoad Trailer

Author Team Let's Go Aero / Category Cargo Carriers / Published: Mar-27-2016

At first look it may seem, except for the color, there is little difference between our new Spec Ops AnyRoad Trailer and the LittleGiant Utility Trailer. Both have large, pick up style beds. Both are made in America with hot dip galvanized solid steel beds and 18 gauge sheet metal sides. Both are light weight and can be pulled by any car with a trailer hitch. Both have easily removable front and rear gates. Both can be fitted with optional soft tonneau or hard shell covers. And both have tent camper models available for dual use as a cargo and camping trailer that sleeps four comfortably off the ground.

While the LittleGiant Utility Trailer can handle just about any job, the Spec Ops AnyRoad Trailer is meant for those special operations on any road, anywhere. This includes hooking the Spec Ops to a Jeep 4x4 and heading off road up into the backcountry for an extended hunting or camping trip; extending the payload of your truck on the construction site; or hauling hay and feed behind an ATV to the farthest extent of your cattle ranch. A closer, side-by-side look at the specifications helps tell the story.


LittleGiant Utility Trailer

Spec Ops AnyRoad Trailer

Bed Dimensions

86”L x 54”W x 24”H

86”L x 54”W x 24”H

Overall Dimensions (tongue & tires)

119”L x 70”W x 41”H

119”L x 74”W x 46”H

Curb Weight

420 lbs.

500 lbs.

Payload Capacity

1,500 lbs.

2,000 lbs.

Gross Vehicle Weight

1,920 lbs.

2,500 lbs.

Ground Clearance




24” Diameter wheels

29” all-terrain light truck tires

Lights & Wiring

LED combination light (stop, turn, tail, side and license illuminator with reflector)

LED combination light (stop, turn, tail, side and license illuminator with reflector)


Hot dip galvanized metal finish

Flat black powder coat over galvanized metal finish

C-Channel Track

Sidewalls, 84”x1.625”x13/16”

Sidewalls, 84”x1.625”x13/16”




Base Price




Even though the two trailers have many similarities there are a two important differences.


While the 1,500 lbs. payload capacity of the LittleGiant is better than most utility trailers and many pickup trucks the extra 500 lbs. for the Spec Ops Trailer can make all the difference on the job or off the road. If you need a utility trailer to handle the many jobs of a family home owner you cannot beat the LittleGiant. The big, versatile trailer bed makes it easy to carry lumber for the new patio deck, camping gear for a family getaway or all the sports gear for the weekend soccer tournament.

If your job, travel gear, landscaping or other household improvements depended on the extra load capacity, then the Spec Ops Trailer is your answer. You have just as much versatility as the LittleGiant with more oomph. Take the front and rear gates off to accommodate extra-long lumber, pipe or tree trunks. Include all the extra cargo you need for an extended backwoods trip. Get the job done without an extra pickup truck.

Ground Clearance & Tire

The LittleGiant Utility Trailer has a 15” ground clearance and 24” tires making this a perfect urban use utility trailer and for many off roads trips. This trailer was meant to be pulled by any car on highways and in the mountains. Coming from a Colorado based company, the LittleGiant trailers were made and used for hauling gear and camping in the remote Colorado mountains. Yet the new Spec Ops Trailer, with a 20” clearance, makes even more rugged terrain possible to reach. Hook it up to a 4x4 and haul it to any place the 4x4 can drive. Pull it through a construction site with all the ruts and potholes just like it was a 4x4 pickup truck. In addition the 29” all-terrain light truck tires have a low rolling resistance and a balanced spin at higher speeds. That means you can take the Spec Ops off road or on the freeway making this a true AnyRoads trailer.

Examine your options and find the trailer that fits your needs. Let us know in the comments below about your experiences and what you are looking for in a utility trailer. For questions about these trailers, or any of the Let’s Go Aero products ask our product experts in our online form. For more information read our blog on the Spec Ops AnyRoad Trailer or order your new Spec Ops Trailer or LittleGiant Trailer online now. You can read more about all of the Let’s Go Aero trailers here.

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