Standard Bike Upper Wheel Cradle & Housing Kit - 8mm


Replacement Upper Wheel Cradles (2), Cradle Housing (2) and Retainer Clips (2) for select V-Rack Carriers.

  • Replacement cradles for BikeWing V2 (B00413), BikeWing V4 (B02011), NEO-2 (B01748) and NEO-4 (B01014).
  • Compatible with BikeWing-2 Next GEN (B01861), BikeWing PRO 2 (B02189), BikeWing V2 (B00413), BikeWing V4 (B02011) all Nelson Carriers (B01427, B01533, B01908, B01823, B01816, & B01809) NEO-2 (B01748) and NEO-4 (B01014) only.
  • 8mm Upper Wheel Cradle Pin Diameter


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