Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a short collection of some of our most commonly asked questions regarding our general policies, shipping and our roots. If you have questions about a specific product, we encourage you check out the "questions" section of the specific product.
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What is your average ship time?
Depending on the item(s) ordered, lead times from order placement to shipment is generally between two business day for smaller items such as hitch pins and bicycle racks, and 3-5 days for our large, build-to-order items like trailers and enclosed cargo carriers that ship via freight truck. Overall lead times from order to delivery are generally 5-7 business days for smaller items and 7-14 business days for larger goods in stock including transit. Lead times are an estimate only. See our Shipping Policies Page for more information.

Does Lets Go Aero offer expedited shipping?
Expedited and guaranteed shipping is available for a fee in most situations; call Let's Go Aero for eligibility and cost quote.

My box arrived damaged from shipping, what do I do?
Customers who feel that their product may have arrived damaged should begin by fully documenting the damage to the box and to the product with photos and submit them via email to so LGA can review the damage and begin any neccessary claim prossess.

Do you offer shipping internationally?
Lets Go Aero does ship a limited number of products to Canada and other countries internationally as well as ships to 'border cites' for customer pick-up (customer arranged). Contact Lets Go Aero during business hours at (719) 630-3800 or email to for availability and cost quote.

What carrier service do you typically use for shipping?
Depending on their size, Let’s Go Aero products ship by either the Fedex ground and United States postal services for small package, or by Freight Truck palleted service networks. See our Shipping Policies Page for more information.

Is the estimated shipping time guaranteed?
No, Lets Go Aero cannot guarantee shipping times without purchase of guaranteed or expedited service. Expedited and guaranteed service is not always available or possible. Call Lets Go Aero during business hours at (719) 630-3800 for availability and cost quote.

General Policies

Do you purchase used Lets Go Aero Brand Trailers and Cargo Carriers?
No, Lets Go Aero does not purchase or buy back used trailers.

Do you have a dealer in my location to view your products?
While there are select dealers around the US that carry Lets Go Aero products, Let's Go Aero does not work with any direct network of dealers. The best chance to see a Lets Go Aero's product before purchase is to visit our Headquarters in Colorado Springs.

What is your warranty policy?
Let’s Go Aero, Inc. warrants to the original purchase that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship, for the term described (usually one-year), except as qualified on our Warranty FAQ. The warranty is determined from the date of purchase for the term specified. The warranty terminates when the original retail purchaser sells or otherwise transfers the product to any other person. See our Warranty FAQ for more information.

I don't like the product I purchased, can I return it (non-warranty)?
Returns are subject to 20% restocking fee and must be in initiated within 30 days from original purchase, in new, unused condition with the products original packaging. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number is required for return and shipment. Shipping costs and liability are the responsibility of the customer. See our Warranty FAQ for more information on returns.

Do you sell used or 'scratch & dent' products that I could purchase at a discount?
Yes, we do occasionally sell 'scratch & dent' products that have minor cosmetic damage or products that have been slightly used for demonstration purposes. See our 'Outlet Deals' page for a current listing of our discounted products.

I found a better offer for one of your products elsewhere online, do you price match?
At Lets Go Aero we are very selective about the resellers we choose to work with, and because of that, we are not in competition with any of them. We highly encourage our customers to the best deal for their given situation.

Does Lets Go Aero ever rent trailers or cargo carriers?
No, Lets Go Aero does not rent trailers or cargo carriers.

I noticed other company's offer Lifetime Warranties for similar products, why does Let's Go Aero's warranty only extend to one year?
We extend a one year because any manufacturing defect is evident early on. From there, it’s just wear and tear that eventually happens to products.

Does Lets Go Aero offer financing?
No, Lets Go Aero does not offer financing.

Does Lets Go Aero (LGA) carry parts or offer repairs for trailers or cargo carriers not manufactured by LGA?
No, aside from Lets Go Aero's universal Silent Towing Products, LGA only services and carries parts for LGA brand trailers and cargo carriers.

Do you have samples of your products available for viewing at your Colorado Springs location?
Yes, Lets Go Aero does keep a supply of products at their Colorado Springs headquarters for sample purposes. As samples may be off location for media projects or testing, customers should call ahead to confirm product availability for viewing.

Our Roots

When did Let's Go Aero first begin business?
Lets Go Aero first began business with the invention of the GearWagon AT “Herman®” Sport Performance Trailer in 1998. The GearWagon was a light, enclosed trailer with capacity for five bicycles among more gear, and one that could be pulled with a Volkswagen Rabbit, something that simply did not exist at the time. This organic ingenuity and authenticity is a driving force at LGA.

LGA use to sell large enclosed trailers called the Herman and GearWagon; have those trailer models been discontinued?
Due to the solid bodies of the GearWagon/Herman trailers, distribution and shipping of these large trailers is simply not economical in large scale at this time. LGA hopes to bring these trailers back in the future with a redesigned distribution model.

Where is Let's Go Aero's headquarters located?
Labeled as an Innovative Colorado Lifestyle company, Let's Go Aero is proud to say it was founded in the shadow of Pike Peak in Colorado Springs, CO, where it has been headquartered sense 1998.