Our line of Silent anti-rattle technologies make for a truly smooth and quiet towing experience.

Silent Hitch Pin For Motionless Towing        

Silent Hitch Pin

Let's Go Aero's patented Silent Hitch Pin line eliminates the distracting noise and motion in the hitch for quiet, distraction-free, stable towing. Our wide selection of anti-rattle devices are available for 1.25 in, 2in, 2.5in receivers, including hitch locks for secure, Safe and Silent Towing.
Silent ACT Hitch Pin For Effortless Towing         

Silent ACT

Designed for easy installation and removal, the "no tool" Silent ACT works in all 1.25in and 2in hitch receivers for anti-rattle and no motion support of the bike rack or other device in your hitch.