SPEC OPS Overlander Camper

SET ITEM T00336-T01410
Available September 2019

This SPEC OPS Overlander Camper Package model is fully-loaded with the SPEC OPS AnyRoad Trailer, SummitHaus Tent, Deck Wing Side Panels, Levelers, and the ArcHaus 5S Tailgate Shelter.

The SPEC OPS AnyRoad Trailer is our high payload trailer model that was designed for hauling gear and camping equipment to the remote Colorado mountains. We built a trailer that can be hooked up to a 4x4 and go anywhere the 4x4 can drive. The 20” clearance and the 29” all-terrain light truck tires makes it possible to take this trailer on the most rugged, off-road locations. With the Overlander Camper system, it is now possible to camp at a remote trout stream, set up a base camp for mountain climbing expeditions or just to take the family camping at the State Park.

Assembly required. Sold and ships in kit form.

Features included in our Overlander Camper Package

The SPEC OPS Overlander Camper uses a camper platform consisting of our SummitHaus tent and decking components to set up the expansive interior, and our ArcHaus connective shelter. Like our TreeHaus Camper, the interior uses a set of Deck panels and fittings for platform wings that extend off the trailer siding, and a tent which sets up around the perimeter of the camper bed.

    • Easy Setup: Most tents entail a lot of set up. The SummitHaus is designed to use only 4 body poles that attach directly to the SPEC OPS camper platform so that one person can quickly and easily set it up. Four additional poles are provided for doorway awnings that anyone can apply in their sleep. 
    • Big Interior: The base of the SummitHaus is the trailer bed, measuring 86” x 54”. In addition there are two 86L x 23W aluminum deck wings that extend to the outside of the trailer. Along with the end gates, which are removed and positioned across the inside width of the trailer for additional sleeping surface, 4 people to sleep comfortably off the ground. The domed tent gives the interior a special feel and the center of the tent is 66” high for plenty of headroom. Zippered doorways are on each end with large mesh windows that zip closed, and the fabric over the dome can be pulled back revealing a natural skylight. A fine screen keeps out bugs and lets in fresh air for great ventilation and beautiful views. A rainfly clips over the tent providing waterproof shelter and a heat retention aid.
    • Waterproof & Ripstop: The shelter’s fabric is made of tough, polyester with 185 D Nylon Ripstop. A polyurethane coating gives the fabric a 2,000mm PU waterproof rating. This is about three times the waterproof rating of a typical tent bought at a sporting goods store.
    • Compact Storage: The tent and the poles are conveniently stored in a compact canvas bag weighing 25 lb while the two 26 lb lightweight aluminum deck wings store vertically along the inside side walls of the trailer bed. Now there is plenty of room for all your other camping gear and for using the SPEC OPS Trailer for other jobs.
    • Trailer Leveler Jacks: Rear leveling jacks keep the trailer level on the most uneven campground and prevent tipping when everyone is on board.

FREE ArcHaus 5S Tailgate Shelter included with your Pre-Order!

ArcHaus 5S Tailgate Shelter, a walk in-walk out addition that is a roomy 10 feet long, 6 feet wide and 6½ feet high. Made of the same tough, waterproof, Ripstop material as the SummitHaus Tent, the ArcHaus is just as easy to set up and store. A zip on sleeved stretch connector wraps around the SummitHaus doorway with clipped straps for added attachment capability. Solid zippered doors provide privacy and the large screens provide bug free views. The ArcHaus is a great way to add more living space for all the active gear, food and cooking equipments, sitting and sleeping space in what is effectively an enclosed front porch.


SPEC OPS Overlander Camper Package

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Structurals (Trailer)

Structurals (Tent & Shelter)

Trailer Bed Dimensions – 86”L x 54”W x 24”H

Curb Weight –  500 lbs

18 gauge sheet metal over 12 gauge “box truss” frame

Tent & Poles- SummitHaus Tent with mesh sky and doorway views, zippered doors on both sides, rainfly, 4 fiberglass body poles easy set up (plus 4 awning poles)

Overall Trailer Dimensions – 119”L x 74”W x 46”H

Payload Capacity – 2,000 lbs, One-Ton Cargo

Black powder coat over galvanized metal finish

Fabric - Water-proof 2,000 pu rated polyester with 185 nylon ripstop

Tent Camper Dimensions – 86”L x 101”W x 80”H

G.V.W.R. – 2,500 lbs

Solid steel body panels (floor, sidewalls, end gates)

Side Platforms – Two aluminum deck wings, light 26 lbs, 86”L x 23”W each

20” Ground Clearance

Tongue Weight – 35 lbs

C-Channel track integrated on top of sidewalls for cargo management, 84” x 1.625” x 13/16”

Levelers – Two height adjustable rear jacks

23” Coupler Height (recommended)

End gates – 26 lbs each

End gates – Front & Rear, easily removable


29” Light Truck Radial Tires

Side Platforms – 26 lbs, ea

Axle – Torsion axle with Sure Lube grease bearing system, made in USA


5 x 4.5 Hub Bolt Hole Pattern 

SummitHaus Tent (only) – 22 lbs

Wheels & Tires – 29” Radial all-terrain light truck mud tire, black painted rims


2” Coupler (uses 2” ball size, not included)

ArcHaus Shelter (only) – 25 lbs

Fenders – Black powder coated steel


End gates – 54”W x 24”H ea


Lights – LED combination (stop, turn, tail, side), license illuminator with reflector


Side Platforms – 86”L x 23”W ea


Wiring – EDPM sheathed harness, 4-flat wire plug connector




Tongue & Coupler – A-Frame draw bar, 2” coupler with safety cables


Manufacturing & Warranty


Jack – Height adjustable marine swivel with 5” caster, 1,000 lbs rated


Warranty Limited One Year




Patent no. 8,858,141






Ships unassembled, palleted via freight truck.
Average order ship time is around 14 business days 

Shipping times are not guaranteed. If you would like expedited shipping please call our office at (719) 630-3800 for availability and a custom quote. 
See Shipping Policies for details about shipping and receiving.

Manuals, Flyers & Brochures:

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