Spec Ops Overland Trailer


The Spec Ops Trailer™ is made for any load, any road, anywhere. The heavy-duty 2,000 lbs payload and pick-up size bed are the perfect functional equivalent of a pickup truck. The trailer’s lightweight rigid ‘box-truss’ bed design can be pulled by any vehicle with a hitch including ATVs and other off-road vehicles. Enhanced beyond the specifications of the LittleGiant Trailer, the Spec Ops model handles off-road, back-country, high clearance rocky trails without a sweat. The 3,500 pound rated torsion axle and 29 inch light truck radial tires provide 20 inches of overall ground clearance ideal for overlanding and high speed smooth, stable performance on the interstate.  

Features & Specifications 

  • 86” L x 54” W x 24” H solid-walled trailer body handles all forms of cargo, from light-duty industrial equipment to personal travel and lifestyle equipment 
  • 121”L x 74”W x 46”H overall trailer dimensions 
  • 500 lbs curb weight; 2,000 lb payload (2,500 lb G.V.W.R) 
  • Removable front and rear end gates 
  • All-galvanized steel construction with black powder coat finished sheet metal body for lifelong durability, 12ga. x 2” frame tubes, and 18ga. floor, sidewall, end gate sheet metal. 
  • Integrated C-Channel track on sidewalls for cargo management and modular attachments (88” x 1.625” x 13/16”) 
  • Torsion axle with grease zert bearing lubrication for independent, quiet, rubber dampened suspension, structural body strength, and low maintenance  
  • 29” light truck radial tires with 15 inch black rims, LT235/75R15 Load Range C; 5x4.5 bolt hole pattern 
  • Jeep style steel fenders with black powder coat finish 
  • A-Frame drawbar for strength and load stability with 2” coupler, 35 lbs tongue weight 
  • LED 4” red square stop, turn, taillights with license plate illumination, EPDM shielded wire harness with 4-flat electrical plug 
  • Trailer marine swivel jack with castoring wheel 
  • Swing down leveler stabilizer jacks for mobility and stability both on and off the hitch (16in to 22in extended, 1,000 lbs capacity per jack) 
  • 20” axle clearance and 18 to 20 inch recommended tow ball height (tow ball not included) 
  • Rated for any class towing, including class I rated small SUVs and passenger vehicles 
  • Complete bolt-together kit, assembly required 


Trailer Bed Dimensions
86"L x 54"W x 24"H
Overall Dimensions
119"L x 74"W x 46"H
Ground Clearance
Couple Height
23" (recommended)
29" light Radial Truck Tires
Hub Bolt Hole Pattern
5 x 4.5 Hub Bolt Hole Pattern
2" (uses 2in ball size, not included)
End Gates
54"W x 24"H ea
Swing Down Stabilizer Jacks
16" - 22.5" Extended
Curb Weight

540 lbs

Payload Capacity
2,000 lbs, 1-ton cargo
2,540 lbs
Tongue Weight
35 lbs
End Gates
26 lbs ea
18 ga sheet metal steel over 12 ga "box truss" frame
Body Finish
Black powder coat Over galvanized metal finish
Hardware Finish
Black Trivalent
Accessory Mounting 
84" x 1.625" x 13/16" c-channel track integrated on top of sidewalls
End Gates
Front & rear quick removal End Gates included
Torsion axle with Sure Lube grease bearing system, made in USA
Wheels & Tires
29" radial all-terrain light truck mud tire with black painted rims
Black Powder Coated Steel 
LED Combination (stop, turn, tail, side), license plate illuminator with reflector



LittleGiant Torsion Trailer Spec Ops Overland Trailer

Payload Capacity: 1,500 Three-Quarter Ton

Payload Capacity: 2,000 lbs, One Ton Cargo

Curb Weight: 480 lbs

Curb Weight: 540 lbs

G.V.W.R.: 1,980 lbs

G.V.W.R.: 2,540 lbs

Trailer Bed Dimensions: 86”L X 54”W X 24”H

Trailer Bed Dimensions: 86”L X 54”W X 24”H

Overall Dimensions: 119”L X 70”W X 41”H

Overall Dimensions: 119”L X 70”W X 46”H

Tires & Rims: 24" Tires, 13in Silver Rims

Tires & Rims: 29" Radial Mud Tires, 15" Black Rims

Hub Pattern: 5 x 4.5 Bolt Hole Pattern

Hub Pattern: 5 x 4.5 Bolt Hole Pattern

Coupler: 2in

Coupler: 2in



Ships unassembled, palleted via freight truck.

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