Standard Bike Upper Wheel Cradle Kit - 8mm


Kit set of two adjustable wheel cradles with upgraded durable rubber straps for attaching one standard bicycle to an brand model in the Let's Go Aero VRack family of products.

  • Replacement cradles for BikeWing V2 (B00413), BikeWing V4 (B02011), NEO-2 (B01748) and NEO-4 (B01014).
  • Compatible with BikeWing-2 Next GEN (B01861), BikeWing PRO 2 (B02189), BikeWing V2 (B00413), BikeWing V4 (B02011) all Nelson Carriers (B01427, B01533, B01908, B01823, B01816, & B01809) NEO-2 (B01748) and NEO-4 (B01014) only.
  • Set of two wheel cradles with adjustable rubber straps secures standard mountain and road bikes by the wheels.
  • Quick and user-friendly to secure bike wheels in cradles
  • Carries 40 lbs (per bicycle weight limit)
  • Wheel cradles are easily adjustable; insert and clip into position along each Wing of the VRack.


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