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GearWagon Enclosed Trailersgearwagon.png

Enclosed and secure lightweight performance trailers for cargo, utility, and camping in high capacities yet compact forms.

  • GearWagon AT Enclosed Trailer

    GearWagon AT Enclosed Trailer

    This enclosed trailer tows up to five bicycles with luggage and other gear, among other types of cargo. Light and compact, yet larger than most SUV capacities at 86 cubic feet, the GearWagon AT trailer is easy to maneuver...

  • GearWagon 125 Camper Trailer

    GearWagon 125 Camper Trailer

    This GearWagon 125 Camping Trailer model is our cargo, toy hauler, and camper all-in-one. Enjoy all the daily cargo hauling function and full capacity use of the GearWagon 125 trailer model with added features for conversion...

  • GearWagon 125 Enclosed Trailer

    GearWagon 125 Enclosed Trailer

    With the GearWagon 125 trailer, enjoy more enclosed capacity than the largest of SUVs and the form and function of a full-sized truck topper pick up bed. This ultra-lite enclosed GearWagon 125 Toy Hauler Cargo Trailer is...