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With a 2,000 lb payload the SPEC OPS AnyRoad Trailer™ is made for those special operations on any road, anywhere. Built tough for off road backcountry adventure, the 29 inch all-terrain light truck radial tires hold their own on rugged terrain or on high speed freeways. Paired with the Overlander Camper the SPEC OPS is our AnyRoad, AnyJob, AnyWhere Trailer.

  • SPEC OPS AnyRoad Trailer

    SPEC OPS AnyRoad Trailer

    // The SPEC OPS AnyRoad Trailer, with a 2,000 lbs. payload capacity, a 54” wide by 86” length interior trailer bed, and a 20” ground clearance, was built to handle any job, on any road,...

  • SPEC OPS Overlander Camper

    SPEC OPS Overlander Camper

    // This SPEC OPS Overlander Camper Package model is fully-loaded with the SPEC OPS AnyRoad Trailer, SummitHaus Tent, Deck Wing Side Panels, Levelers, and the ArcHaus 5S Tailgate Shelter. The SPEC OPS AnyRoad Trailer...