TwinTube® Flat Pipe Spine


An optional TwinTube technology based device for interchangeable use with select cargo carrier models. Effectively lowers the position of the carriers on the hitch, providing more rear window visibility when driving. Ideal for vehicles with higher hitch heights where the need for rear ground clearance is mitigated.

Optional accessory for GearSpace, GearDeck, TwinTube UBI, and legacy GearCage and AerFoil slide-out cargo carriers with an integrated 6 inch rise in their TwinTube platforms; use of the Flat Pipe Spine renders carrier position flush with height of hitch, thereby offering added rear window visibility.

Compatible with select carrier models: HGK819, HGK826, H01533, HMK901, HCK734, HCK765, HCK772, HCK710, HCK741, HCK697, HCK659, HCK673


  • Weighs 21 lbs
  • Flat and level design is flush with vehicle’s hitch height; effectively lowers carrier by 5 inches when used in place of 6 inch raised platforms
  • Compatible with all Let’s Go Aero TwinTube based technology, slide-out carrier legacy models for interchangeable platform use (not compatible with fixed platform model models)
  • Fits 2" hitches
  • Recommended for 14 inch minimum hitch heights for comfortable ground clearances

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