V-Lectric™ VFR e-Motorbike Carrier

• Fits two bikes of any size & frame up to 150 lbs per bike

• Slides out for rear hatch and RV van door access

• Folds up for parking/garage clearance

• Modular tray for loading, secures to rack for transit

• RV approved for motorized and tow behind

Transport bicycles, fat electric e-bikes, and motor bikes on all vehicles including RV fifth wheels and travel trailers. Built on a new folding TwinTube® hitch platform, VFR carries bikes up to 150 lbs with a modular ramp for loading, and slide out for rear hatch, tailgate, and RV van door access. 

Rated for fat bikes/e-bikes with tire sizes up to 4.5 inches 

Rated for bicycles with 20 inch wheels or larger 

Rated for bikes up to 150 lbs each 

  • Carries two bicycles, e-bikes or motor bikes of any wheel size or frame design up to 150 lbs each 
  • Ramp tray for roll on/roll off bike loading 
  • Tray/ramp supports tires up to 4.5in in width 
  • Wheel cradles support fat bike rims up to 114mm in width 
  • BlockHead quick-release wheel cradle design adjusts on V-wing support arms, and cradle pins are reversible for quick bicycle fit 
  • Cam locking webbing straps bind V-wing dense foam pads to bike frames 
  • Strong and stable folding TwinTube hitch platform slides out for rear hatch, tailgate, and RV van door clearance; hitch riser for rear ground clearance 
  • Compact folding design 
  • Dense cushion pads protect bike finish 
  • Includes security cable and two locks for locking bikes to rack and rack to vehicle 
  • Weighs 80 lbs with a modular design for easy moving 
  • 150 lbs maximum weight rating per bicycle 
  • Fits 2 inch hitch receivers with Class II tow rating and higher 
  • Two Silent Hitch Pins included for quiet, distraction-free no motion hitch connection 
  • RV approved for motorized vehicle and trailer use